Here is part 2 of 3 of GETTING TO KNOW YOUR WHEY AROUND. In this write-up I will be discussing some of the whey isolate brands I have tried. There are tons of brands worldwide, so I have only mentioned a few that I have tested here in South Africa. I have separated the isolate wheys into two groups: Flavoured wheys and Unflavored wheys. As you can see, I have shown the protein content, kilojoules, cost, container size, cost per serving and my opinion on the brand.


  • 22g of protein per serving.
  • 504kj per 32g serving
  • Cost R299.95 for 908g (R10,57 per serving)
  • Variety of amazing flavors from Vanilla Ice Cream to Cookies & Cream. Delicious, easy to mix and a smooth texture.



2.) USN Ultra Low Carb- Diet Whey Isolean

  • 23.6g of protein
  • 553kj per 35g serving
  • Cost R289 for 805g (R12.57 per serving)
  • Variety of unique flavors like Jellybean, Turkish Delight and Strawberry Macaron.
    Mixes well, versatile,

3.) Nutritech Premium Whey Protein for Her (not a true whey isolate).

  • 23g protein
  • 482kj per serving 31servings
  • Cost R299 per 1kg container (R9.27 per serving)
  • Variety of flavors such as Cinnabon and Peanut Butter. Mixes easily but I find the flavors overly sweet and have an artificial aftertaste.

4.) Biogen Iso-Whey

  • 20.6g of protein
  • 488kj per 30g serving
  • Cost R289.95 for 908g (R8.80 per serving)
  • Probably my least favorite of the wheys. I find they this brand doesn’t mix as well as the others nor does it pack the same punch of flavor. It also has the least quantity of protein per serving, so even though Biogen is found at all local pharmacies, it’s not my go to brand.

5. Supplements SA Whey Isolate

  • 20g of protein. It is an Isolate but technically a hybrid as it contains 4% hydrolysate per serving too.
  • 410Kj per 30g serving
  • Cost R385 for 1kg (R11.55 per serving)
  • Lowest calories per serving in comparison to the other brands. Not sold on the taste. There are better brands for my buck.

What is most important to me?? Taste! There’s no point in holding your nose and forcing something down the hatch everyday. The chances are your going to stop taking it after a few days and that whey tub is just going to sit in the bottom of your cupboard. Besides there are brands that supply so many incredible flavors, you’re bound to find one you thoroughly enjoy. If you know me you will know that I looooooooove chocolate so my top two choices would definitely be Turkish Delight from USN and Cookies & Cream from NPL.

Most of you know I have a sweet tooth but  decadent chocolatey flavors aren’t for everyone. A fair amount of my clients find alot of protein shakes too sickly sweet. So unsweetened wheys will definitely be for you.The amazing thing about this kind of whey is that you can mix them with any fruit or veggies your heart desires!! The smoothie options are actually endless! Anything from kale and pineapple to beetroot and raspberries. You can adjust the sweetness to your liking as well. If the natural fructose from your fruit isn’t enough then you can always add some stevia or honey to it. The plain whey may get a 10/10 on variety but the disadvantage is that it isn’t the most convenient for the busy lifestyle. It can also be quite pricey, so shopping around for something cost effective is essential.. I really enjoy making smoothies for my friends and family. Let’s face it there is nothing more appetizing than fresh, healthy and colorful smoothies all lined up for the taking. Below are the brands I have tried…


1. Mojo Me- Only Whey

  • 23g Protein
  • 392kj per serving.
  • R409.95 for 750g (30 servings)
  • R16.40 per serving
  • Pricey yes, but I think it’s a quality brand. I really love this one for all my homemade smoothies.

2. Nutritech Raw Isolate

  • 29g Protein
  • 500kj per 32g serving
  • R449 for 1kg (R14.37 per serving)
  • Generous amount of protein per serving and great for smoothies. Higher in calories than other wheys (needs to be taken in account as you are adding other calories into your smoothie).

3. Life Matrix

  • 17.4g of protein
  • 309kj per 20g serving
  • R585 for 1kg (R 11.70 per serving)
  • Awful for baking and a lumpy consistency in smoothies. My least favorite but by far the cheapest.


In conclusion, the isolate wheys are generally comparable when it comes to cost and calories. READ THE NUTRITIONAL LABLES AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE PROTEIN PER SERVING... that’s what you are paying for right? I would personally recommend using USN or NPL for your flavored shakes. They both have several delicious flavors and are exceptionally versatile whether you want to use them for baking, to add into your oats or just a shake on the go. With regards to unflavored options I would hands down recommend the Mojo Me Whey for those fruit and veggie smoothies. You never taste the protein in this brand which is exactly what you want in an unflavored whey. Hopefully this blog has given you an indepth breakdown of the whey Isolates available in our country. The most important thing that I hope you take with you, is to know what you are fueling your body with!


*The suggestions in the above blog are completely subjective and based on my own personal opinion.