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Your Questions Answered


What equipment do I need?

These are the basic items you will need:

  • Mat
  • Towel
  • Glute Bands
  • Jump Rope (Advised)
  • A Set Of Dumbbells (Optional but you can use other objects in your home provided they are of a similar weight)

If you signup for the 12 Week Challenge, you will need gym membership or access to a gym close by

How will I receive the lessons?

Once, you’ve signed-up, you will receive your login details to gain access to the Members section on our website where you can view the meal plans, video training materials and instructions to get started

I'm struggling to lose weight - Can your program help?

Yes, in most cases you will lose weight if you follow the program and adhere to the meal plans and guidelines. Everyone’s body is different and some will lose weight quicker than others which is why my meal plans are customized to your body type and specific needs. If you have any concerns, drop a mail to me at

What are the differences between plans and challenges?

Plans are ongoing fitness programs that you can start at any time. They change on a monthly basis. Challenges run over a given period anything from 4 weeks to 12 weeks (depending on the type of challenge). They have a definite starting and end point. The challenges also offer great prizes as an extra incentive to reach your goals.

Are your fitness programs for all levels?

All the plans are completely customized for you for both your diet and your training. The challenges however will specify whether they are for beginners, intermediate, advanced or all levels.

Do you show demonstrations of the exercises in the programs?

Absolutely! Form is everything. So you will have videos or animations to follow.

Can I do the challenges if I am pregnant?

No, unfortunately there are exercises that are not recommended for pregnant women in the challenges so I would recommend a personalized individual plan rather.



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