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Farrah Rymer


After completing my degree at Wits in which I studied psychology and biokinetics, my interests lead me to orthopedic surgical repping.

I HAVE AN IMMENSE PASSION FOR FITNESS and I have always followed a healthy lifestyle. During my second pregnancy I gained 19kg and I knew that losing that weight was going to be a massive challenge. I decided to set goals for myself and to have a better body than I had had before.

2018 marked my start in training and competing in fitness competitions. I placed 4th in very my first show Millenium Gold Plate and 2nd ( a last minute entry) in Muscle Mulisha. The massive highlight of my journey was making the top 12 in the USN Face of Fitness. SO MUCH CAN HAPPEN IN A YEAR!

There is nothing that I love more than inspiring other women to lead healthier and happier lives. Hundreds of ladies have asked me how to get toned and to lose weight. So I started FIT BABES ELITE. My goal in life is to help and encourage others to reach their full potential… we are all capable of great things!

Faster, Fitter, Stronger NOW!

“I believe in working hard, reaping the rewards and most importantly being grateful for the opportunities one has been given.”

Farrah Rymer


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