I have a serious sweet tooth! In fact chocolate in particular is my biggest weakness! Cravings are completely natural but to avoid binging on the beautiful spreads at events or even just picking out something naughty at your local store, I have listed ways to CONTROL YOUR INNER SUGAR BEAST!

1. Sugar-free chewing gum

2. A quality protein shake
(this is an upcoming blog topic)

3. Protein bars
(Low sugar, high protein)

4. A little honey or nut butter on your ricecake

5. Berries

6. Low calorie coconut chips (not just the dried coconut)

Remember that eating small frequent meals and a balanced diet can subside the uncontrollable urges. Avoid getting extremely hungry as this can lead you to overindulge with your next meal. Remind yourself in moments of weakness that this is going to be a guilty setback.

Give 1 or even all 6 of the listed healthy options a go. I would love to hear how they heave helped you! Most importantly keep focused on your fitness goals and dreaming of your next well deserved cheat meal.