Easter is my favorite holiday of the year but it is certainly one of the toughest times to stay healthy. There are CHOCOLATE BUNNIES EVERYWHERE! It’s so hard to fight off these delicious urges every single time we go to the shop. No matter how hard we must be strong! Besides worrying about our diet over these few weeks we also need to think about our exercise plans too! We can’t let all this hard work go out the window! The problem with any holiday is that we find ourselves out of our usual routine and this is dangerous for giving in to boredom eating and laziness.

Tip 1:If you are going away this Easter pack your light and easy essentials to keep you fit. A glute band and skipping rope are ideal and effective to pop into your travel bag.

Tip 2: Don’t buy those unnecessary delicious extras when you do your grocery shopping. Yes you can have a chocolate spoil on Easter but don’t overindulge every day of the vacay. It boils down to… what you don’t buy, you wont eat. Let’s face it, those celery sticks are ALWAYS GOING TO TAKE SECOND PLACE if there is chocolate in the pantry cupboard.

Tip 3: Holidays are for relaxing I know! The thing is we want to avoid the ‘post holiday extra kilo’s’ depression. SO GET STRAIGHT OUT OF BED AND INTO YOUR FITNESS CLOTHES. I promise you will feel better after exercising! Besides feeling revitalized and guilt free after each session, you can put your feet up and chill for the rest of the day.

Tip 4: If you have a big gettogether or function deside what and how much you are having before you get to the party. You will have a fairly good idea of the possible temptations, so decide what treats you will and won’t have. The trick is to be more conscious of your decisions.

Tip 5: Encourage your spouse, friend or family member to keep fit with you. This way you have someone helping you monitor your food choices and an added bonus of having someone to exercise with. There is no better feeling than having support through the tough times. We all need it!

We have to have a healthy balance in life if we want to take good care of our bodies. There will always be holidays and we need to decide how we can deal with the ongoing challenges these times bring. Please try these 5 tips and let’s turn those chocolate bunnies into gym bunnies! Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!