Yes it’s the second blog and I’m already talking about cheat meals and how to fit them into your diet. Why? because the occasional waffle or burger are the things that keep me sane and content.

I bet you’re listing your favorites in your head right now hey? We are just at the beginning of changing our diet and training but don’t feel guilty thinking about delicious pleasures. Unfortunately they have contributed to your unhappiness in the past with your self image. However this doesn’t mean we are going to stereotype them into the forbidden box.. never to be eaten again! It’s all about moderation now!

TIP 1: Only have one cheat a week.

Initially it’s going to be a challenge but I promise you every slow savoring mouthful will be well worth it.

TIP 2: Decide before you dive in!

Remember you are rewarding your hard work. Before you rock up at Krispy Kreme tell yourself
‘I’m only ordering one tasty treat!’
Don’t make it harder to say no when they’re all lined up in front of you waiting to be devoured. MAKE SURE THE WEEK’S HARD WORK DOESN’T GET WIPED OUT OVER ONE CHEAT!

TIP 3: Always do cardio on cheatdays!

This way you are making extra sure the magical sugar coated calories are not finding their way onto your scale.

Tip 4: Cheat with someone

I want you to enjoy your cheat but having friends around you will help you from over indulging! We all need a little pressure to be good.

There is no greater feeling than going to bed at night with a guilt free conscience and a huge reminder of gratitude. So get dreaming of your next indulging food rendezvous!